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Our Services

Standard FBA Prep services

NVENTORY PROCESSING INCLUDES: Receiving packages (one-by-one) Inspecting item quality and condition (photos of damage provided) Sticker and price-tag removal Item FNSKU and Shipment Labeling Pallet receiving (no additional charge) New and Recycled Shipping boxes (up to 25″) Sticker labels (suffocation,…

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Wholesale & Private Label Clients

Receiving – Customs brokerage, container unloading, unpacking the units (count of all units, weights and dimensions for your shipment), visual packaging damage inspection with a photo report, review product packaging and label your shipment to comply with Amazon’s shipment specifications…

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Photo Services

Do you want us to take photos of your inventory for Amazon Product Detail Pages? All photos (main image, additional images, bundles) are made by professional photographers and meet Amazon’s requirements for style, size, proportion and a pure white background.

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FBA Removal Orders

Having a problem with existing inventory at Amazon FBA? We will receive, inspect, correct and ship your inventory back to Amazon or anywhere you want.

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